Pssssttt... Want to Know Where 25+ Inner Circle, FHL Award Winners, and/or Other High-Achieving, 7-Figure+ Entrepreneurs Are Hanging Out and Helping Each Other Grow Every Single Day?

ATTENTION: Are you an absolutely epic entrepreneur struggling with making your business profitable enough to live the life you dream of and deserve? Well....

"You're Fighting an Unfair Battle and You Don't Even Know It."

Pssssttt... Want to Know Where 25+ Inner Circle, FHL Award Winners, and/or Other High-Achieving, 7-Figure+ Entrepreneurs Are Hanging Out and Helping Each Other Grow Every Single Day?

Finally, Uncover the 3 Big "Unfair Advantages" Being Hidden From You and the Real Truth Behind Why You Cannot Win Without Them.

(We're the two in the middle with our friends from ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. But that's another story....)

Multi-Million Dollar Online Business Owners and Spouses, Bart and Sunny, Get Real About the Digital Marketing World and EXPOSE FAKE News, Fake "Strategies" and Fly By Night Scam Schemes ... SO You Can Finally Get Your Big Chance to Win.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Can you imagine busting straight through the 3 biggest roadblocks that hold online entrepreneurs back from having it all... and discovering the best kept "Unfair Advantages" that all wildly successful entrepreneurs know and use?

Imagine more Momentum, more Drive, more Passion, more Clarity, more Impact, more Profit, More Purpose...  just from being a part of one simple, yet extremely powerful fast-track community?

In our over 40 years combined experience of being online entrepreneurs, we have noticed there are 4 big barriers standing in the way of entrepreneurial success: 

 Lack of a clear vision + implementation in the day-to-day activities that matter the most. Lack of clarity and procrastination all lead to one thing: the serial entrepreneur on the hamster wheel who keeps running and running every day but doesn't get anywhere. If you have a thirst for more knowledge but don't implement, if your bottom line isn't growing... it's you. 

 Isolation. Not having a community and support group of like-minded individuals. Being an online entrepreneur can be very lonely... but worse than that, it's a proven productivity killer and can encourage depression and anxiety. On top of that, you may be surrounded by family and friends who don't quite "get" you so you have no one to talk to and understand what you're going through.

 Getting stuck and not having feedback on your business. Do you know somebody way dumber than you who is making more money then you are? We bet you do! So if they can do it, why are you still stuck? Without help from a like-minded community, mentors, strategies and consistently showing up... you're screwed! It's not your fault... those are just the facts! 

If you nodded yes to any of these voids in your journey through life, we've got some epic news for you today!

This is NOT a Workshop, a Challenge, an MLM, a Get Rich Quick Scheme or Some Sort of Highfalutin' Investment Pyramid, etc... It DOES Require That You Put In Some Work, Show Up, and Invest a Few Bucks... But It Damn Sure Works! 

Introducing the All-New 

We are beyond excited to be able to offer this fast-track program to you today. We have played around with the idea for the past 5 years but weren't quite ready to introduce it... 

Fortunately today we have the knowledge and the resources to OVERDELIVER on our promises to our high-achieving entrepreneurs.

.... And before you let the word "high-achieving" scare you, you can rest assured that this fast-track program is the perfect jump point for people starting at zero to six figures and beyond in gross revenue. 

And if you are used to the term "high-level program" costing as much as a small house (not even kidding here)... don't let that scare you, either! 

We are so tired of big price tags put on programs that actually provide little value. We have paid for those time and time again and have been disappointed and frustrated within those programs for far too long. We want all entrepreneurs with a dream to have a chance to be hyper-successful in all areas of their lives. 

And that's why I Do Epic is not a $40,000 mastermind. We have created one of those, but to be really blunt with you, it's not really a solution for most people. 

So, how can you take advantage of a something as equally epic (actually more so) than a mastermind or high-level "cost as much as a small house" program if you're working your butt off every day but aren't quite qualified to be in one? If you can't quite afford one? Do you just have to keep struggling and trying to go it alone until you get there? The answer is I Do Epic.  

I Do Epic is specifically designed to be your first stepping stone into a higher priced Mastermind. The one that gets you past the million dollar mark and on to the bigger rooms with the bigger players.

Why do we have this "mastermind before a mastermind"? Why do we join masterminds? It's simple. Masterminds have changed our lives. Every major player we have networked with and have elevated us in our businesses have been a direct result of a mastermind. 

But you have to be "in the room" or you are already behind. And the sad thing is, you don't even know it. 

Let us explain:

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you have to be in the game in order to win it?" 

It's absolutely true. If you're not in the room, you're not in the game. If you're not in the game, you can't win the game! And even further, if you aren't in the room you are already behind everyone who is... and you don't even know how far behind you are because you aren't there! 

You're missing out on high-level networking, tactics and strategies that could 10x your business overnight, as well as breaking through mindset barriers that you don't even know you have! One tiny little gold nugget is all it takes. 

That being said, chances are high that when you join I Do Epic today, you will become a mastermind member somewhere for the rest of your life. 

The problem in the past has been that most masterminds (including our biggest one) does not allow members in who are making less than a million dollars a year. 

I Do Epic solves that problem.

I Do Epic is designed to be a one year only "launchpad" program to get you past your million dollar mark and to become a more "whole and happy" person in the process... instead of running yourself and your partner or family ragged. There's no point in building a million dollar business if you burn everything else into the ground. I think we all know that money alone won't bring you happiness. In fact, Tony Robbins said it best when he said, "Success without Fulfillment is Failure."

So! That's the total goal. Once you are there, you can choose to escalate to a higher-level program or not. Totally up to you! 

Before we go any further, you're probably wondering what exactly it is that you get inside the I Do Epic program. Let us explain so you can understand why it's such a big deal.

Are you ready to see the most ridiculous offer we have ever made?

We don't honestly see how anyone who is serious about being successful in business could not take us up on this offer.

Unfair Advantage #1: Accountability + A "Grand Slam" Clear and Concise Master Game Plan 

Here's one of the biggest secrets no one talks about. If you listen to people like Alex Hormozi or David Goggins, you get the brutal, blunt truth: you know what you need to do, you just aren't doing it. 

Truly successful people know that the difference between a six figure entrepreneur and a 7+ figure entrepreneur is their ability to take consistent action every single day on the tasks that matter most. 

Think about your day-to-day right now. Do you have a master plan? Are you implementing with precision? Are your numbers growing? Do you know what your conversion rates are? Do you know where you are weakest? Strongest? How to manage what gets done and what needs set aside? How to pump fuel and energy into your life so it spills out onto everything you do?

A lot of people have big dreams and goals, but they don't have a plan to fulfill those dreams. You've got to bust those dreams into a specific plan and every day you've got to know what the plan is and focus on the tasks that matter most. If you don't have that, then you're just winging it. And if you're just winging it, you'll never reach business mastery.

Because the truth of the matter is simple: if you are staying busy every single day but the tasks you are working on aren't making you money, you're doing the wrong tasks. 

I Do Epic solves this problem with our exclusive two-fold approach: The 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Playbook + Daily Execution Calls.

#1: The 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Playbook.  Because winning in business isn't about ideas, motivation, or ambition. It's about Action. This book is a conglomeration of our combined 40+ years of experience building our online businesses to a million dollars and beyond. We give you the opportunity to follow a proven, science-backed system to finally conquer your business goals and claim your financial freedom.

The 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Playbook

You''ll Do in Days What Takes Them Decades. 

Winning in Business Isn't About Ideas, Motivation, or Ambition. It's About ACTION.

Conquer Your Business.
Claim Your Financial Freedom.

 #2: Our Daily Execution Calls. Once you have all of your master Game Plan and all of your plays in place via your Playbook, we are here to make sure you execute them! We are here to make sure you stay on track and get daily support from your new, like-minded tribe. Some people come into the program all frazzled and stressed out that it's going to be "just one more thing..." and end up being unable to miss it because it's the best part of their day. We meet every morning (Monday through Friday) for a brief, 10 minute call. But it truly is a game changer that moves the needle. 

Unfair Advantage #2: Having the Full Support of a Like-Minded Entrepreneurial Tribe Around You

Feeling stuck.

We're entrepreneur's. We get it and have felt it all. 

In the words of one of our members, "I have been an employee my whole life, so I haven't been in a situation where I can speak and be with people who are like-minded. So this just like a family, you know, and keeps me going, keeps me motivated, but look forward to it every day."

Isolation is the invisible killer of productivity... and let's face it, it's also the harbinger of depression and anxiety. 

And unfortunately, entrepreneurs are some of the most psychologically isolated people on the planet. And all the tools we use to build our businesses every day have cut us off from the one thing our brains need to thrive: connection. 

Think about it: You work is done behind a laptop. Your headphones are probably in if you are in a co-working space. You're focused. You're quiet.

And if you're working from home? Forget it! 

You might as well be alone in a cave in the Himalayas. 

How many people in your ecosystem know if you absolutely rocked it yesterday or just kept busy cleaning off your desktop or watching TikToks? 

If you're answer is zero or even less than two... you, my friend, are in a black hole of isolation. 

The good news is, it isn't your fault that laser focus and execution seem to take all the superhuman strength you have. 

Humans are simply not built to thrive in isolation. It is damned near impossible for us to show up as the best version of ourselves, day in, day out, when we are not supported by genuine human connection and accountability.

When we entrepreneurs lose our focus and our productivity falls off the wagon, it's almost always because we are in a state of isolation. 

When that happens, our businesses do not grow and we continue on in that black hole of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm while our business is stagnant or failing.

I Do Epic solves this by providing you with a full-on community of like-minded entrepreneurs who get you... and they've got you!

We are a family! We'll cheer for you! We'll cry for you! And we'll reward you :)

You not only get a full-on supercharged boost to your productivity (just watch your numbers start to grow!), but you get a new tribe. 

Our I Do Epic Community is highly engaged, super proactive, and includes a leaderboard, a place to communicate, grow, and learn together.

Unfair Advantage #3: Business + Life Coaching Every Single Month With Bart Miller

Do you know someone who is "dumber" than you but is making waaayyy more money than you? Of course you do! Do you look at yourself in the mirror beyond frustrated by the fact that you know you're actually a pretty damn smart person, but you're not raking in the bucks like he or she is? 

Here's our two cents: it's not your fault, you just haven't realized they have a proven recipe they are following and you aren't. 

Let us ask you this question: can you bake brownies from scratch with no recipe?

Unless you are one of the few who actually can (and have thus earned the nickname "Betty Crocker"), you're answer is no!

But can you make brownies if you follow a recipe?


Does the recipe care of your male or female?

Does the recipe care if you are smart or dumb?

Does the recipe care what your ethnicity is? 

Does the recipe care what your background is or where you came from?

Does the recipe actually even give a f*$k who you are? 

What does the recipe care about? 

The answer is: that you follow it. 

See, you can have all motivation, momentum, and enthusiasm in the world. You can put it 24 hours a day! But if your strategy (aka your "recipe") is off, you'll never get there. 

Think of it like this: let's say you are hyper-motived to view a sunset, but your strategy is look East. 

Never going to work, my friend. 

You have got to find the recipe you need from someone who knows how to create wealth in whatever category you are in, and you've got to follow it. That means if you are trying to bake brownies, you don't follow a cinnamon roll recipe. That means you don't throw in extra ingredients or not enough of something on a whim. That means you go step-by-step through the process - if you have the right recipe, you'll have success. 

I Do Epic solves the problem of trying to create your business from scratch without a recipe. We are Bart and Sunny Miller and together we have sold over $10 million dollars worth of products online and are a combined 40+ years in the space. 

Imagine if you were about to begin investing in the stock market and you could hang out with Warren Buffet. 

Would that be an advantage? 

What if you were building a technology company, would Elon Musk be an amazing friend to have? 

Every month we have an "Ask Me Anything" call with Bart where you can get in a hot seat and get direct feedback on your business. This is absolutely priceless! 

.... These are interactive conversations, not one to many. 

On top of that, you have every single day to mention any challenges you are having to your group... and 9 times out of 10 someone has the perfect solution for you! 

If we just stopped there, that would be a perfect recipe for you... but we want to add the icing on the cake! 

Along with live, monthly "Ask Me Anything" calls, we also have regular live Playbook Co-working sessions to help you architect your plays to crush it in business. 

10xd, 25xd, and More!

"I've 10x'd the investment with just one piece of advice in 2 months. 10x'd again in 15 days with another piece of advice from Bart Miller. 25x'd from a third piece of advice he gave me in 3 months. And I've only used those 3. He gave me like 5 more. So yes, go and give Bart money so he can change your life!”

Den Lopez

Verified I Do Epic™ Member

I Do Epic Comes With a Guarantee!

We are so sure of your success with this program we guarantee...

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with I Do Epic even if you don't like the color of Bart's shirt or the glasses on Cobe's face during the daily execution calls just send us a personal email at any time in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund. 

Fair enough?

That's how much we believe in I Do Epic! 

This is a TRUE Exclusive Limited-Time Offer.
No BS Scarcity is Needed Here!

Our big plan is to offer I Do Epic to a small group of beta testers at the most insanely low investment you can imagine.

Why? Because our real goal is not to make a lot of money, it's to make priceless connections and grow our future customers. 

We WILL offer I Do Epic for $5000-$7,000 a year once we have all the member feedback and success stories we need. 

The good news for you as a beta tester is you will get to ask questions and offer feedback that will be used to shape the final versions months before it hits the market. 

Additionally, once you're in your membership, your membership fee is locked forever and will never go up. 

Even crazier than that we will be adding more and more and more to the membership without ever raising the price. 

We consistently strive to add more value, same money

So... What's the Investment in I Do Epic?

First, let us just say that I Do Epic is the most ridiculous offer we have ever made. 

We've been running a high-level I Do Epic ELITE group for over 4 years with the lowest investment possible of $40,000 per member. 

That being said, that is not the kind of mastermind we want to build with I Do Epic. We have experienced start-up mode time and time again and we know how tough it can be, and believe us, if anybody can sympathize with stretching cash flow, it's the two of us. 

Before we give you the final number, just think about what you are getting...

 Daily Execution + Networking Calls. We meet every morning, Monday through Friday, for the biggest game changer you will ever experience! The calls last 10 minutes, but during that 10 minutes you will experience connection, accountability, and a whole new tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs who will become your new, biggest cheerleaders and friends! Your productivity will soar and your goals will be achieved! Many times our new members think it will be "just one more thing they have to do..." and it ends up being the best part of their morning that they never miss! A $3564 value! 

 Compress Decades into Days with the 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Playbook: Conquer Your Business. Claim Your Financial Freedom. Our Playbook is not just a high performance planner. It's a proven system that has helped us (and hundreds of other entrepreneurs) experience rapid business growth, optimized daily habits, incredible clarity and focus, confidence and momentum and the ability to quickly turn big ideas into huge outcomes. This system is science-backed and easy to follow.  Build your Master Game Plan by crafting your "Plays" with our easy-to-follow guides; then, simply execute your Plays with our daily proven system and we guarantee your life and your business will never be the same again. You cannot fail if you follow the process! A $3,997 Value! 

 A Live Monthly "Ask Me Anything" with Bart. Here you can ask anything about your business - it's essentially a "hot seat" to help you get unstuck and get direct feedback on where you are at, as well as a chance to have a virtual meet-up with all of our other members! Direct mentorship with Bart is currently $5000+ a day for consulting right now. But you get him once a month and live-in person at least once a year including your membership. 

These calls are priceless and will be the best part of your entire month. Each month is recorded, just like our workshops, and archived so you can access them forever.  A $5000+ Value!

 A Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs to cheer you on and help you see you are not alone. Our Community is really where we shine. It's impossible to put a price on being connected to a hundred other growing, thriving entrepreneurs to have in your circle. To support you, to partner with you, to literally love you like family. We have way too much fun in our community with monthly challenges, a leaderboard, live calls, and plenty of feedback, hype, and discussion with each other! We know others charging $5000 a month for way less. PRICELESS.

Like we said before, if you add everything together, the value exceeds $25k and blows the doors off most other $40,000 masterminds, but we're not going to charge you $40,000, we're not going to charge you $30,000, or $20,000, or even $10,000... at least, not yet. 

When you become a founding member of I Do Epic today, you get everything mentioned above for the low annual price of $1970 a year (unless you cancel at any time).  That's two months free for paying in full upfront!

And remember, this comes with our triple guarantee for success. We can't imagine anyone who's serious about business who wouldn't take us up on this offer. It just seems crazy...

But Bart and Sunny, what if I'm broke?

Believe us, we get it! We've been there, done that. If you're really strapped, we will even offer your membership at $197 per month (you can cancel at any time) but we suggest you do not do it that way. 


Because if you join annually, you will really commit. No flinching away, no quitting or giving up, just going all in until we get you to highly profitable in the year you have with us. 

That's the goal we have for you and we hope it's one you will grab onto with both hands!

Once you become a member you will never have a price increase so if we were you, we would get it now. We are definitely raising the price to a minimum of $5000 in the next 90-180 days and more beyond that as the group grows.

This is your chance... are you going to take it? 

How to Join I Do Epic Today...

Well! We've got good news and bad news. We're going to give you the link to get signed up right now... but there is one caveat:

Much like a country club our membership is very selective. Our rules are not very difficult, but they are firm. 

Here they are:

Number one: we have a strict no jerks policy. If you aren't a pleasant person and don't get along with people we will have to kick you out as soon as you show your true colors. We hate to be so direct but that's the way it has to be. We have an absolutely incredible group and we're not going to let one bad apple spoil it. 

Number two: you have to be willing to participate in our daily calls, participate in the community, and bring value to the group. The amount of money you pay to be in I Do Epic is so little we need to get value from you in a very different way. Everybody has special skills, gifts, and talents. We want to use yours (as well as everyone else's) to move the entire group forward. 

Number three: you have to have a willingness to put the work in. No giving up. No hanging up the towel when things aren't going your way. We are dedicated to you 10,000% but you have to be dedicated to yourself. 

Please note: If you sign up for I Do Epic today, you clearly agree to all three points.  

P.S. We admit this may not be for you.

Life is a full of choices. We realize everyone may not fully understand the power of our system. You may not be able to afford it or there may be some reason you feel like you can't follow our step-by-step instructions inside. That's totally okay! 

As a friend's grandpa used to say, "The world needs worker bees too, son."

The truth is, only a small percentage of people (about 2%) ever have the tenacity to become financially independent. The others are content to move around like nails and work for the hammers on top. God bless them because they have made us a lot of money over the years. Now you have to choose which side you are going to be on. 

Will you architect and create your own future, be in charge of your financial and personal destiny, and rise to the top? Or do you choose to be a worker bee for the next 30 years? It's 100% up to you!

P.P.S. If you are a little scared, don't worry! That's actually a really good thing. Think back on anything you have ever done that was truly worthwhile in your life. We're talking about things like: asking someone for their phone number, showing up for your first job, going to your first day of school, asking someone to marry you, buying your first home, or having a child...

What do all of these things have in common? 

The answer is: FEAR

Now let's think about your normal, day-to-day activities. Things like going to the gym, watching television, reading a book, eating dinner, or going to the movies. Do you agree that none of them are scary? In fact, they're probably comfortable!

But ask yourself thins: "Where have the comfortable activities got me so far?"

You won't like the answer...

And that's why our advice is to follow your fear.  

P.P.S. We're going to keep living our lifestyle either way.

Here is the cold hard truth: We are going to eat steak tonight no matter what choice you make. Make sense? In the overall scheme of things our finances will not be affected much by your decision to join our high-level program. Our kid will still get the Mark IV Pro Saxophone of his dreams, Sunny will continue to buy whatever outfit she chooses from her fancy magazines, and Bart will still drive whatever car he chooses. However, your choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. This is really all about you and your dreams. Bottom line is that it's guaranteed and you can't possibly lose if you follow the program. 

We Engage With Our Members Every Day! 

We have been a part of many groups, and typically there is no access to the people who run them. It's like they are too busy and too above their members to actually engage with them and help them.... like talking at them instead of to them. They don't get on calls with their members, they eat in separate rooms at events, and kinda act like divas who are full of themselves. 

Neither Bart or Sunny is like that, we promise you! 

Just so you know, we are real people and we really do have multiple businesses online. Here is our personal info just to prove it to you:

You can easily reach me at:
INSTAGRAM: (fastest response)

If you have any questions about I Do Epic, send us an email. 


Thank you for agreeing to I Do Epic™ Rules and Policies. You May Now Join I Do Epic™ Using the Link Below:

Discover Why the All New I DO EPIC is the High-Performing Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

See For Yourself...

It Gives Me a Milestone!

"I thought I had all this nailed down because I have been doing this for forever and I've got my whole system down. What good is it going to do me to just show up and have to tell people what I'm gonna do?

But I can tell you that having that accountability every day has given me a milestone to build around..."

Jim Edwards

Verified I Do Epic Member

The Ability to Go Faster!

"Regarding results I have achieved, the main one is the ability to go faster. So, you know, it's not like I wouldn't succeed ever if had I not had this. But I can tell you that it would be much slower, right? 

Because it gives you the perfect excuse to push and to actually follow through on the commitments that I set for myself."

Joshua Latimer

Verified I Do Epic Member

10x the Value!

"I'm going on month 3 in the group. I wish I had joined it 2 years ago. Bart Miller sincerely cares for his members. I've gotten 10x the value vs what I paid to enter. 

We need a boost as entrepreneurs and getting it from a group of high achievers is dynamite."

Nate Armstrong

Verified I Do Epic Member

  No Contracts. Cancel Anytime. Backed by our 90-day money back guarantee. You'll love I Do Epic or we'll give you your money back.

I Have Never Sold So Many Courses...!

"It is 12 days from the end of the month and I have achieved 90% of my goal, which was sales of 10 of my courses and I sold nine. 

At the beginning before I joined, it was a big thing. I've never sold so many. This was a big milestone!

Aleksandra Zuraw

Verified I Do Epic Member

7 Million Things... Now Able to Focus on One!

"It completely changed how I do business. Rather than trying to focus on seven million things throughout the day I'm now able to focus on my one big task at hand. And sure there might be little things that build up... 

But being focused on that one thing at the top of the the end of the day is changing my business and in my personal life.

Colin DeHaan

Verified I Do Epic Member

Achieved More in 10 Days Than I Have in a Year

"I joined I Do Epic because I I found myself really wanting to get more results.  I'm traditionally a high achiever, a high performer, and I just needed that group, or that community, to be able to connect with from an accountability standpoint. 

What it has done for me and my business has been incredible so far. We're only a little over a week in and I have really achieved more in the last week to 10 days than I probably did all year!" 

Brandi Turnipseed

Verified I Do Epic Member

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